Professional Movers provides peace of mind with Vero Marine Carrier’s Risk Insurance on all our moves.

Carrier’s Risk provides insurance cover for the Professional Movers in the event we become legally liable to pay for the loss of or physical damage to goods arising from an occurrence reasonably attributable to;

– Fire or explosion

– The carrying conveyance colliding with any external object

– The carrying conveyance overturning or being derailed

– The carrying conveyance being a waterborne vessel, or being on board a waterborne vessel, that is stranded, grounded, capsized or sunk

Carrier’s Risk insurance is limited to $100,000 per claim with a $250 excess.

This does not cover damage to goods during and handling and transporting of your contents to and from your premises. We do our best to prevent damages but accidents can happen. We recommend you look into contents moving insurance for your goods. Check with your insurance company to assess if you are already covered, if not they can assist in setting you up for your move. If you have any questions please contact us for advice.